Dr. Chambers, PhD
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Chambers's goal is to assist all clients toward the direction of emotional wellbeing, acknowledge their value and worth, to assist with movement toward their potential, and to promote the competent practice of neuropsychology through quality assessment and consultation.

Dr. Chambers obtained his Master's Degree in clinical psychology from NLM in 1972. He worked at Central Louisiana State Hospital for 15 years before returning to obtain his PhD at the University of Oregon, in 1992.​​​​​​

Following his internship at the VA Hospital in Little Rock, he began completing training in Neuropsychology in Fayetteville in 1993 and has been practicing in NWA for over 20 years. From September on 2009, through May of 2011, he attended post-doctoral training in Jungian psychology with Saybrook University.

Currently, he specializes in the assessment of dementia, closed head injuries, ADHD, and psychotherapy.